immigration to canada

There are several citizenship and immigration programs in Canada. If you meet all of the selection criteria of these programs it is possible for you to immigrate to Canada. Here is the list of the various immigration programs we process and the most important criteria to qualify in these programs:

  • Skilled workers Canada Program:

Aged at least 18 years.
University or technical degree.
A good knowledge of English or French is required. Knowledge of both languages improves your chancesYou  must  provide  conclusive proof of your skills in these languages. Please consult our list of hyperlinks detailing the approved organizations for assessment
Have at least one year of experience in one or more of the occupations listed by the government.

  • Skilled Worker Program for the Province of Quebec:

Aged at least 18 years.
Diploma of professional, technical or university.
Knowledge of French is required (especially the conversation). Knowledge of English improves your chances.

  • Investor Program:

Have minimum assets of $ 1,600,000 CDN
Two years of business or management experience over the last five years.
Willing to invest CA $ 800,000 for five years with the government. This amount is given to you at the end of the five-year period without interest.
Possibility of obtaining a loan from a Canadian bank and the interest costs will be about $ 180,000 CA.  No conditional visa.

  • contractor program:

see minimum assets of $ 300,000 CA.
Two years of business experience.
Being active in business plans within a maximum period of three years after its establishment in Canada (conditional visa).
Must make an exploratory trip to Quebec. This trip is essential to be familiar with the Quebec business community.

  • Self-employment program:

Minimum assets of CDN $ 100,000
Two years business experience in a profession or trade.

  • Family Sponsorship:

You can sponsor your spouse, minor children, parents or grandparents.
Please note that the Government of Canada has suspended for a minimum period of two years sponsorship of parents and grandparents.


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