Many of us, if not all of us, has become a colorful bird feathers and beaks, and animal furs and skins and claws and nails, and cut short the rest in tails and scales and fins and gills! In the midst of this visual customary for the classification, we have forgotten the beauty and splendor of mounting internal structure of all creatures; even if you come to us and we saw the opportunity to these structures miraculous, it was like discovering impossible, fill it with earth and sky!

This was the vision of the artist and the doctor (Arie van’t Riet) to life on the Earth’s surface is unique.

Colored shades

Being a physicist and a doctor was educated in the Netherlands, studying (Arie van’t Riet) the foundations of physics and radiation safety technicians radiography. As part of the educational program, Search (van’t Riet) model to review and representation of the effect of X-ray energy to contrast images captured through these rays. The more X-ray energy, the greater the contrast dropped.

Floral began, and after a few years began editing and coloring part of these images. And animals added to it. “Thus explains (van’t Riet), which currently emit a series of artworks based on X-ray technology X Ray, to review and show the inner beauty of life.


All of which are produced images at his home, where he has licensed radioactive imaging machine. All the animals that have been photographed and are already dead, and in this he says (Arie van’t Riet) that “there is no justification for exposing the living creatures to the risk of X-rays for art’s sake.”

Colored shades

Colored shades

On the other hand, X-ray images taken similarities between different forms of life appear. Says (van’t Riet): “Illyrian trachea of snake and lizard, and you will have the same structure of the trachea in the neck! The same is true for parts such as knee bone, rump, clavicle, ulna, ect. All the same between them. We judge the color of bird feathers, but they are all one in X-ray images, looking at it through the eyes of X-rays. ”

Determine the selection (van’t Riet) things and objects that are photographed based on availability. He says (van’t Riet): “Often the availability of the animal is the most important in the selection process and an imaging agent. It starts victim of a collision on the highway, or the body of creepy, or fish bought from the market, or the number of insects that in turn bought from the store, or even a small animal caught him my cat! ”

Unknown13 Unknown12 Unknown6 Unknown7

Because (van ‘t Riet) can not show results of its work to be processed in full X-ray images, The images come always sudden and unexpected.
“Sometimes found on the victims of road collisions has been heavily influenced by the internal parts thereof; and therefore is expected to be the internal scene sometimes disappointing and frustrating. This is to me a lot when you go out the final image to show the extent of the splendor and beauty of nature. Means ”

biorama-arie-vant-riet-03 x-ray-chicken Unknown11 Unknown11 5 Colored shades Colored shades Unknown 2014-01-31-snails-x-ray-image-arie-van-t-riet

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