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How to earn dollars from Bitcoin, and the creation bitcoin wallet famous or well-known. Pat of the most important demands of the young people who are looking for a profit from the Internet, and currency Bitcoin digital currency is now well-known in the world and the high value of the US dollar and European Euro and the Japanese Yen and many currencies, as one Bitcoin may equal up to US $ 300 :). And here in this post I will explain how to gain Bitcoin easily. And before starting to get to know precisely what is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?

It is an electronic currency (currency Cryptographic) can be compared to other currencies such as the dollar or the euro, but with several key differences, notably that this currency is fully electronic currency trading online only without the presence of her physicist. It also differs from traditional currencies that there is no central regulatory body behind it, but can be used like any other currency to buy online or even converted to traditional currencies.

Now see how we can enter into the world of currencies, Bitcoin collection of Internet in different ways and get famous Bank and reliable storage and conversion Bitcoin or “Satoha” and the latter term means a small part of any one Bitcoin 0.0000 …. 1 of Bitcoin.

Get the Bitcoin Wallet?

First we enter the most famous site to create Bitcoin Wallet

  •  go to wallet.
  • Crate My Free Wallet.
  • You get the Bitcoin Adress.

How to fill the wallet for Bitcoin?

To collect Bitcoin we must log in to multiple sites and follow up constantly, almost every hour, and among these sites:

Freebitco site registration link:

  • Create a new account.
  • Scroll down to CLAIM YOUR FREE BTC NOW.
  • Check CAPTCHA.
  • Click on ROLL.
  • Now, after pressing the ROLL you may find Satoshi were added. And you have to this process every hour and you can drag to your wallet when you reach the 0.00006000 BTC.


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