Google Chromecast ! for whom and for what ?

Google Chromecast connects HDMI to your TV and allows access to the content available on the internet. After the failure of Google TV, the Internet search giant returns to the heart of our lounges with key Chromecast Google. But what can it used for? How Google Chromecast  works? Rather simple! Indeed, simply connect the Google […]


Flat design Flat design ? The flat design is a current graph advocating minimalism background of vivid and contrasting colors. Specifically, all the frills, textures or relief effect has been shelved to highlight usability and readability. The technique relies on the appearance visually “flat” with simple shapes that give a more streamlined appearance. Many brands […]

Earn money just by walking or running!

Nelson Mandela said once “Money won’t create success, the freedom to make it will.” Bitwalking took that to a whole new level by creating an application for smart phones to make money just by walking. “With Bitwalking you simply generate money by walking. Once installed on your phone, the free app converts steps to Bitwalking […]

Unexpected specifications of the apple “iPhone 7” !

We should expect to see the Apple iPhone 7 emerge in September 2016, and the handset promises to be a significant departure from the existing Apple iPhone 6S based on early murmurings. British newspaper the “Daily Mail” revealed an unprecedented specifications for Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone that highlight the major development will be done in […]

Colored shades Beauty discovered by Arie van’t Riet

Many of us, if not all of us, has become a colorful bird feathers and beaks, and animal furs and skins and claws and nails, and cut short the rest in tails and scales and fins and gills! In the midst of this visual customary for the classification, we have forgotten the beauty and splendor […]

Boeing 777-9X the largest aircraft in the world

This aircraft is designed to be the largest passenger plane ever, with two wings very large to the point that there will need to be foldable wings so you can walk down the runway airports! Boeing 777-9X the largest and most efficient aircraft twin-engine in the world, will start production in 2017, according to the […]

The Immortus: a car that can be driven forever without one drop of fuel!

You could have the day a car can be driven forever without a drop of fuel? EVX Ventures company Australian think that this is possible so she develop a vision for the entire car covered with solar panels stretching over an area of 8 square meters, to charge the lithium battery allows the car (in […]