Colored shades Beauty discovered by Arie van’t Riet

Many of us, if not all of us, has become a colorful bird feathers and beaks, and animal furs and skins and claws and nails, and cut short the rest in tails and scales and fins and gills! In the midst of this visual customary for the classification, we have forgotten the beauty and splendor […]

A woman leave her job for the art of folding colored paper.

“I have to work full-time in this art 7 months ago, many times I feel intimidated by the move, but I only just believe in what I do and I will continue to do in the future.” What are the reasons that can lead you to leave your job? Maybe another job better? .. Larger […]

Artist paints a wonderful paintings by burning wood

Misfortune to study without thinking, and the biggest calamity to think without study. Palestinian artist began his career Naji Nasr away from the arts but extraordinary skill in drawing imposed itself on him and around him, even mastered the art is the art of non-traditional wood-burning: In this amazing painting that you see it was […]