Steps to protect your skin

Steps to protect your skin Steps to protect your skin ? Cold dehydrates the skin and friction from clothing intensifies tightness. It’s time to get your beauty routine! Isabelle Catoni, aesthetic dermatologist and member of the National Union of dermatologists venereologists, gives his advice. Steps to protect your skin: Protect your face In addition to […]

Beauty Benefits Of Turmeric

Turmeric or curcuma is a spice with multiple uses, for cooking and many forms of skincare … this yellow spice, which is part of the ginger family is used in India and China for curing many diseases. Turmeric has been known to contain numerous antioxidants as well as antibacterial properties. So here are some amzing benefits for your skin and […]

Kim Kardashian : beauty secrets

Kim Kardashian is considered one of the sexiest women on the planet. Thus, on the occasion of the release of its hairline Kardashian Beauty, the bimbo gave an interview to Gala. In the columns of the magazine, the wife of Kanye West reveals his secret to being always sexy. Kim Kardashian takes off her makeup […]

Teeth whitening ! Gift yourself a whiter brighter smile.

Different methods of natural teeth whitening ? how to whiten your teeth ? fast teeth whitening There are different techniques for natural teeth whitening that help easily and quickly get excellent results. Many solutions involve directly whiten teeth, while others suggest using a natural white teeth toothpaste. Most tips for a natural teeth whitening is to […]

How to take care of my hair ?

Making a shampoo, dry your hair, brushing … The beauty of our hair starts with simple gestures. Good habits unknown, forgotten or simply sacrificed due to use of too busy schedule. However, no need to spend hours: here are five express rituals to care for your hair. One hundred strokes every night before going to […]

5 tips to protect your skin (Skin Treatment)

Redness, blemishes, dull skin, tightness … Our lungs are not the only ones to suffer from air pollution, our skin too. Pollution attacks your skin. Specifically, it damages the hydrolipidic film that acts as a protective shield. Result: repeated exposure to particulate pollutants jeopardizes cell renewal and causes premature aging of the skin. But how […]

Makeup: your beauty in 4 steps

Brighten complexion, highlight a smile, illuminate a look … It sometimes takes little to reveal us to ourselves, by makeup. The question is how to handle the delicate art of the brush and cosmetics. Cathy Wagner advice, professional makeup artist Makeup is far from being a trivial matter … On the contrary, well tamed, this […]