Alzheimer in some questions

Alzheimer’s disease affects more and more people in the world. Memory loss, senility and dependence are the lot of patients and their families. But what do we really know of this degenerative disease? What are its main symptoms? How it treated? And above all, how to live with, and support patients and their families, often […]

Yoga Life Lessons !

Consider yoga as a gym to acquire flexibility and balance by linking the postures is totally misunderstood. Because this approach is a true path of spiritual development. Nonviolence, meditation, perseverance … A self-knowledge and philosophy of living together which can transform our lives. The body and mind Why, then, to want to wade legs behind […]

Flu Treatment & Care !

Seasonal flu occurs every year in epidemics during the fall and winter in temperate zones. It is caused by an influenza virus, or often a mixture of several influenza viruses. In tropical countries, flu circulates throughout the year and is not considered seasonal. so what is the Flu Treatment ? Flu Treatment: reduce symptoms There […]

January: a month to manage stress

If stress is useful in certain situations, its repetition weakens us. Some everyday actions can help you tame it. Adapt your meals Eat magnesium-rich foods (chocolate, nuts, shellfish), vitamin B6 (turkey, salmon, organ meats, bananas) and B5 (shiitake, yeast, liver, offal), which attenuate the rise of the hormone cortisol stress. Promote also those who are […]

“E-cigarette” electronic cigarette: dangerous or not?

Parade cheaper to smoke in public places or for some, a solution to stop smoking for others … The electronic cigarette has over 16 million worldwide. But “vapoter” He really helps to get the tobacco? Above all, is it really safe? The point with Bertrand Dautzenberg, pulmonologist and president of the French Office for Smoking […]

My little beauty secrets: chocolate

Chocolate? Known for its relaxing properties and anti-depression, chocolate is also a partner ideal beauty. Here are some recipes to try at home to enjoy all its benefits. The Aztecs and Mayans were already using cocoa to take care of their skin, weakened by sunlight. Anti-aging, anti-cellulite, soothing, chocolate is beneficial for the whole body, […]

These foods are a source of beauty “best menu”

How can i enjoy my food menu? Beauty and nutrition, Due South? “There is no doubt ensures Véronique Lebar, doctor and consultant in nutrition and cosmetology. With a well thought out diet, it is quite possible to feed our hair, moisturize our skin, or strengthen our nails. “A key prevention work. Because to be beautiful, […]

My little beauty secrets: lemon

Economic and available year round, lemon could become one of our best allies beauty. Here are some easy recipes to make home care. Antioxidant, astringent, degreasing and full of vitamin C, lemon has many virtues. Juice, cream or direct application, here’s how to use this citrus fruit, green and yellow, to magnify our hair, our […]