Einstein and imaginations of light at the Patent Office

Einstein was chasing light during and after the Undergraduate. Unfortunately, he was annoyed his teachers questions. To some extent they all refused to give testimonials to complete his studies. In a letter to one of his friends the young Albert Einstein described himself as a loner and neglected and unloved. It was seen as rational […]

Inspirational story: he quit his job and went on a trip around the world in 3 years!

We hope many of us to travel and watch the different countries and cultures, but adherence to his ideas and his circumstances and his work and the way of life in general, but some challenges the circumstances at all levels to prevent his wish come true as he did, “Walter Chang” who left his job […]

Story of Amy Purdy the fight against the despair of the life

If your life a book, and you are the author, how you would like to be your story? This is the question that changed my life forever. With these words, Amy Purdy began her speech to the effectiveness of TEDxOrangeCoast in 2011, the following story short .. After graduating from high school a few days, […]