Internet marketing small business , Discover the good uses three marketing tools well suited to the means of small businesses.

Internet marketing small business

1: A structured website

The first tool at your disposal, the most obvious, is the creation of your website. But not just any. For it to be useful it is to build a well-structured site, not just focus on your offer (what you sell), but on the needs of customers. The best is to integrate a blog for SEO capital. It is this blog that will indicate to search engines that you have relevant content that responds to user queries and thus to guide them to your site. “To do this, use a maximum key phrase in your industry, says Camille Blaise. Not to mention that the blog is the staple food of the presence on social networks. ”
For a restaurant or a fashion boutique, the idea of the blog seems quite natural, with contributions devoted to recipes or last shots heart parades. But what if you sell nuts? The principle is the same: do work upstream to identify issues of your customers, their problems. This will allow you to identify the values and themes that you have put forward in order to interest them. “The idea is simply to ask you who your community and what are its interests, Camille plays down Blaise. Thus, a manufacturer of pajamas company should not be positioned as a simple seller of pajamas, but as a vector of home comfort after a day of work! ”

Internet marketing small business

2 Selected social networks

Second invaluable tool for customer relationships: social networks, very powerful to animate a community. Being active on social networks is also important to keep hold of your communication, your image. Interact regularly gain credibility and reassures. Not to mention that it can also drive traffic to your site. How? “The key is to be present regularly advises Camille Blaise. This is the strategy of small steps: frequently intervene and occasionally achieve a higher share. “A bit like in a relationship, the idea on social networks is to feed the daily little things to never be forgotten … But which network to choose? “It will depend again on your target, your customer community,” said the expert. For some professionals, Viadeo really saves good visibility. The idea is to look for where your customers are, if existing groups exist, “etc. You will be able for example to target a group of buyers in the area of cleanliness on Viadeo or drones Facebook fans. and, above all, make regular vigils to analyze where your traffic comes from to adjust your desired communication channel.

Internet marketing small business

3: Targeted e-mailing

E-mailing, more traditional, should not be overlooked. Certainly openings rates newsletters and other mailings are usually very low. But it is also a real tool of seduction. The key is to refine each consignment by class of customer needs. Thus, a travel agent will not send the same mailing to a user who browses the site in search of inspiration and simply download a brochure or another that comes to request a quote. In the first case, the first three mails will be spam proposals of ideas, activities, places to stay. In the second, the mail will become more defined, with practical tips on booking of air tickets, for example. “To target these critical content, it should validate the stages of the life cycle of a customer, with various entry points, the conversion pages, etc. “Said Camille Blaise. To power these types of mailing, the blog will be invaluable! This would be complemented by a newsletter, which today can be generated automatically, with all your latest content and a handshake block. The worst marketing mistakes in this area? Do nothing!

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