The world is changing

Humans started to multiply in the whole world is a large and growing, but what the future holds for mankind? That’s what I tried the US space agency NASA answer in the words of Dr. Al Globus, who predicted that the next logical step is for humans to colonize humans for space.

Globus think that humanity can start in life in satellite cities around the Earth orbit in 2100, and imagine Globes in the form of settlements will be built in the form of a very large structure with hundreds of houses and thousands of people. Globus and added that he can build the structure of the cities by the end of the century if they are to avoid major national disaster, also predicted that are fully colonize the Earth’s orbit first, and then explore the solar system and go outside too!

Dr. Globus is a contractor and Scientist in US space agency NASA. The aim of his research during which work on it over the years to change the world after the form of an annual competition held in order to create designs for space colonies. He now believes it will not be long in humans and only visit Earth orbit with ease as if they are traveling from London to New York, pointing out that if humans decided to do so would serve science and qualified using the material and financial means in the answer to his requests.

It does not seem science fiction, because there are companies began to achieve successes to build and launch rockets and spaceships aims to colonize Mars, such as SpaceX company founder Elon Mask confirms that this is possible.

  • But what will be the form of the first satellite of the settlement?

space-in-2100 space-in-2105 space-in-21001

He answered that question, Dr. Globus, saying that there are many designs that rely on a central cylinder provide artificial gravity for the population, and allow them to move as if they were on earth!
There will be stations for agriculture, will be covered exoskeleton solar cells, it will lead to stop the people of the earth killing each other and spending all this time and money on satellite settlements, and despite the fact that a good idea, but the technology and infrastructure is not enough yet.

Do you agree with this vision? Did you imagine the future of human beings outside the planet? 


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