Is the science that studies the behavior whether this behavior was apparent or inwardly he is studying the apparent behavior  like acts committed by the individual, and behavior subcontractors like thinking, imagination and memoryAnd modern psychology began with the creation of the first laboratory for experimental psychology in Germany at the hands of Font year (1879) and became a note of his subject matter and his approach based on the experience which led to the creation of a major development in the process of this science appeared many schools in the world, among them behaviorism represented by Watson and School psychoanalysis represented by Freud. psychology is divided into many branches, among them, General psychology and psychophysiology and Educational  and Developmental psychology and Social psychology and science of military psychology, criminal psychology and professional psychology.

forensic psychology

Research psychologists have helped a lot to improve our understanding of secrets of the results of the actions of people. For example, psychologists have discovered a lot about how the human personality development, and to encourage healthy growth, and they have some knowledge that will help people to change their bad habits and help students learn.
Also aware of some of the conditions leading to encouraging workers to increase production efficiency.
There are many things yet to be discovered. But the perception we have gained thanks to psychology can help people to improve their behavior.

The main areas of psychology:

Social .
Educational .
Abnormal .
Industrial .
Developmental .

Research Methods :

Psychologists used in their research almost the same methods used by other scholars.
They draft the understanding of the theories, also called hypotheses, reflect the possible explanations for their observations, then the process of using methods to test the validity of these assumptions.
One of the main methods used in psychological research:
1natural viewing.
2Calendar systematic.

Psychologists divided among themselves in the late nineteenth century to the thirties of the twentieth century on the topics to be studied them, and how it should be taught.
Accordingly evolved doctrines or three major schools.
These schools are:
1structuralist school
3School of psychoanalysis.

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